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Is it free to visit the Hebe Haven Yacht Club during the event?

Yes, the Club is open free to the general public when the 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race is held.

Do I have to register?

No, no registration is required.  Only visitors who want to do the water sports trials are required to register at the information counter.

Is there an activity timetable?

Yes, it is coming soon.

What can I see during the 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race?

It is coming soon.

A Race Village filled with carnival atmosphere with 60 stalls including F&B, hand-crafted arts and wares, face painting and other interactive activities, with live entertainment.  Find out more.  Water sports and activities on offer include dinghy sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and boat rides. 

Do I have to pay to try the water sports activities?

No, all visitors can try the water sports activities free over the two days but donation to support the charities is recommended.

What do I need to wear to try the water sports activities?

Casual wear but you are required to wear a life jacket, which will be provided by the Club. You will remain on board but sailing is a water sport so you can expect to get wet at some point.

What is the minimum age requirement for trying the water sports activities?

Children at 3 years old must go with a parent onboard. To go on their own, children must be over 7 years old.


What performances I can see in the Race Village?

It is coming soon. 

Is food sold in the Race Village?

Yes, food and drinks are available for purchase.  


What forms of payment are accepted?

The stalls in the Race Village accept cash only but with a couple of F&B stalls accepting both cash and Octopus card payment. (F&B stalls located in the Eatery zone also accept HHYC members chit-books.)


Is there any storage for my belongings?  

There’s no storage available for visitors.  


Is there any car park space available?

No car parking is available over the two days.  

How to get to the Hebe Haven Yacht Club?

Many public transports are available. Please check out here.


Who are the charities this year?

Children’s Cancer Foundation, IDEAL, TREATS, Sailability Hong Kong, and Sai Kung District Community Centre.

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