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Lap Counting

Task highlights:

  • Responsible for recording boats passing through the gate

  • Publish the interim lap results report every 6 hours

Dock Marshal

Task highlights:

  • Control the dock area where sailors access their dinghies and carry out respective crew changes

  • Assist the race juries (on-the-water observers) when penalties are given to dinghy crew

     Race Office     

Task highlights:

  • Team and crew registration

  • Maintain the Official Notice Board for the race.

  • Maintain and check lap lists intermittently for team captains' sign-off

  • Issue life jacket

  • Act as first point of contact to race teams and volunteers 

  • Coordination of Emergency response

Safety Boat 救生艇

Task highlights:

  • Responsible for patrolling around the race course 

  • Each safety boat carries one driver and one assistant 

  • Training on dinghy rescue will be provided if necessary 

  • All volunteers should attend a safety briefing session before the event 

  • HKSAR PVOL is required for the driver 

  • Experience on driving safety boats for dinghy rescue is highly preferred


  • You can sign up as a driver or an assistant.

Race Village Support

Task highlights:

  • Support in the village to vendors

  • Opportunity to raise funds by selling books and cakes at the even

Site Setup

Task Highlights:

  • From Wednesday to Friday before the event, we require assistance with setup. If you have available time, please consider volunteering to help with decorations, setting up small marquees, lights, or tables.

  • You are welcome to volunteer at any time between 8am and 8pm. Simon and Charron Robertson will be coordinating tasks and responsibilities, and they will contact you if you are able to volunteer.

Sunday Site Reset

Task Highlights:

  • We also need volunteers on the Sunday evening from 1pm to help with site reset. This will involve clearing the decorations, tables, chairs and marquees and returning the boat yard to operational mode. No special skills required.

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