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The event aims at raising money for Hong Kong Charities and supporting people in need in the community.     


First raced in 2002, Hebe Haven Yacht Club has already raised more than 12.3 million including 7.1 million donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation. Check out the below service scope of each charity and find out why you should support this meaningful event. 

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Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF)    兒童癌病基金

CCF established in 1989, through the best possible holistic care approach, it aims to improve the quality of life for young cancer patients and their families in caring for their physical, psychological and social well-being.  We also help doctors to improve  survival rate of children with cancer through sponsoring expensive drugs, diagnostic tests and research.  


From newly diagnosed, CCF provides: 

  • Child Life Service – to enhance the psychosocial functioning of the patients and their families, helping patients to understand their illnesses and treatment plans and preparing them for the treatment procedures. 

  • Family Counselling – helping the patients and their families to cope with the changes and difficulties brought about by the illnesses through counselling and other supporting services.

  • Financial Assistance – we sponsor prosthetic limbs, travelling expenses, emergency funds and also provide half-way homes and rehabilitation bus service to families in need.  

  • Community Service – we help survivors to ease back into the community through transitional education and potential development programmes, helping them to cultivate interests and explore their strengths and potentials. 

  • Children’s Palliative Care Foundation – our team of nurse specialists and social workers helps young and adolescent patients with life-limiting and life-threatening illness relieving their distressing physical symptoms, providing 24/7 end-of-life care and also providing bereavement care for parents after the passing of the child.

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TREATS began in 1979, the International Year of the Child, in response to the arrival of thousands of Vietnamese refugees following the end of the Vietnam War. Known as ‘boat people’, they were given temporary refuge in hastily created, overcrowded closed camps. Concerned about the lack of recreational opportunities for these children, a group of private individuals arranged outings – or ‘treats’ – to beaches, recreation camps and Ocean Park. They then turned their attention to local children, providing the same opportunities for children living in crowded resettlement estates. The first logo of TREATS was a kite, symbolizing that all children enjoy having fun, making friends, and playing.


TREATS target all children and youth, especially those:

  • With mental, physical, emotional or social challenges

  • With multiple challenges and learning disabilities

  • From ethnic minorities

  • From families living in poverty

IDEAL   勵志協進會

Work actively for the people with intellectual disabilities. IDEAL is a member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, The Hong Kong Sports Association for the Mentally Handicapped and Agency for Volunteer Service and a supporting organization of Life Care Movement.

Donations raised are used to subsidize the exercise and dancing programmes for members who have intellectual disabilities aiming to keep the physical health awareness at the IDEAL family.

Sailability Hong Kong     航能香港

Continue to bring its bi-lingual programs offering a safe environment for people with disabilities, and providing more sailing opportunities to the under-represented and the elderly within our Hong Kong Community. Their 2020 programmes will encompass more sailing for the visually impaired. Programmes organized can help provide many positives such as improved mental wellness and concentration, social and communication skills, confidence, etc.

Sai Kung District Community Centre 西貢區社區中心

SKDCC have been providing services in Sai Kung for more than 40 years and keep developing new services such as food-bank service, Chinese medicine clinic and social enterprise, etc., in order to meet the service needs of Sai Kung community. The donation from 24 Hour event would be mainly for their pre-school and nursery services.

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